Monday, September 1, 2014

Color Emotion

Pantone Colors

Bright Red 186 - cherry, Rihanna's hair circa 2011, lust, bood, anger, high blood pressure, japan, ladybugs, ketchup, fast food, Valentino, roses, heat, energy, diabetes, health, euphoria, connection

Vibrant Orange 1585 - arid, tense, hot, 2002, Frank Ocean, Nickelodeon, naivety, immaturity, unrequited love, summer, thirst, kids, dirty, hunger, juice

Bright Yellow 116 - sitting under direct sunlight, happiness, a smiling child, innocence, summer of 2012, lemonade, midday, unguided, bliss, honey, stickiness, humidity, solar system, the unknown

Earth Brown 438 - soft, damp dirt, subtly, simplicity, natural, leather, labrador retriever, chocolate milk, sweet, outdoors, activity, mud, room temperature, fullness, androgynous

Deep Blue 2747 - may, cold, wet, Iceland, Bjork, crystalline, round, ice, New York, professional, new, Chevy Cobalt, deep ocean, circular, systematic, Joni Mitchell's fourth album cover, 1998, St. Louis Blues, ice

Chartreuse Green 584 - insects, vegetables, vomit, celery, plant cells, mushed peas, grass, natural, grasshopper, decomposition, deconstruction, agriculture, earthly, 2000

Blue Purple 267 - barney, anxious, sick, deep, explosive, grape, juicy, stains, striking, wet, sticky, dense, toxic, unhealthy

Charcoal Gray 425 - cold, damp, wet, dense, rocky, earthly, old, dirty, dark, uninviting, smoky, sickly, misty, hazy, subtle

White - clean, untouched, pure, peaceful, striking, empty, void, fresh, birth, new, crisp, neutral in temperature, bright, deceptive, calm, motherly

Black - dark, dirty, void, nothing, neutral in temperature, smoky, tiring, void,  empty, death, unhappiness, numbness, old, striking