Friday, September 19, 2014

Monogram Final

I had a lot of fun with this project because I could see limitless possibilities with what I could do.  I chose the typeface Simplifica to use for most of my mock ups, and it ended up being used for my final monogram as well.  I felt that the lightness and curve of Simplfica reflected many aspects of my personality and aesthetic, which I currently see as being both minimal and multi-layered.  I personally enjoy concepts that are complex and break away from literal connotations, and I tried implementing that with my final design.  The J and the S are united as one entity, both equally reliant on the other to complete their individual forms.  I tilted each letter to the side because I did not want there to be a dominant letter, and also felt that it created a more balanced form.  By the end I felt that there was a  something missing, so I added a small single lines at each end point of the monogram, which was intended to bring relief to the long continuous line.