Wednesday, October 15, 2014

27 Concepts (Draft II)


Kristen Ashton said...

The image of the mouth with the graphic lines at the bottom is my favorite for that particular theme. We talked about that yesterday it reminds me of Russian agit-prop posters, in a good way. Your sketches are so good they are photographic and when paired with bold graphic lines makes for a really striking image. I think the image/crop of the whiskey bottle could be really interesting if there was maybe something in the reflection? The crop of the barn with the giant negative space is really intriguing, but I'm not sure how it would translate on a small scale in the Amazon mockup. I love the image of the man running into the darkness. Super graphic, really successful. It gives an element of mystery with a bold statement. The fat foot in the tiny shoe is amazing. The footprints make me think of your other story with the dirt tracks on the fancy rug. I think your abstractions for that theme (with the rug) are working really well. Overall I think you have a great selection to whittle away at. Your sketches are beautiful!

Isaac Carlos said...

I really like the amount of detail you have put on your sketches they are very solid and beautiful. I think you are very close to literal inter presentations on the story which in your case definitely works, but I am interested to see what you can come up on a more abstract note. The illustrative quality is fantastic I would love to see these fully realized in an analogous format then transferred digitally with minimal editing. This style is working for you so keep it up!

Tori Wheeler said...

I feel like you missed out on a thorough crit because we ran out of time.. so here goes.
You have a great aesthetic urge. All of your sketches look beautiful! Now it's just time to narrow them down by concept.
Your minimal style works well. The simple outline of a barn is strong and creates a division of space that is truly eye-catching. The watercolor of the dark sky and lonely barn also creates an effective weight, a push and pull of both elements, i feel the emotion in this one. Your illustrative style is great, stick with something hand done for sure. The concept and imagery for the swollen foot in the tiny shoe is fantastic. definitely try illustrating this in a few ways. It could be interesting painted.

Good start! Excited to see where you go.

KimbeBovard said...


I really enjoy your compositions. I think you pay a lot of attention to detail. I like how you are playing with texture. I really enjoy the one on the top left f the bottle. I think that could be a real interesting composition especially if you illustrate it. I also really like the snake skeleton. it would be really interesting if you did some kind of layering and paired it with the weeping man. I think your book cover is going to look BOMB.