Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letterpress Final



I had SO much fun with this project.  I would find myself getting so involved in what I was doing, 5 or 6 hours would go by without me noticing.  While it took me several different trials to finish the hierarchic design, I'm happy that I put forth the extra time and effort to produce something I am proud of.  I wanted to create something which forced the viewer to initially read in a linear direction, only to realize that an alternative path must be taken in order for the passage to form legibility.  I wanted legibility to stand out on the hierarchic scale, because that was the most important word in terms of what I was trying to communicate with the design.  I chose to use a nice green-grey hued ink because I felt that it went well with the texture/color of the paper.  As far as the experiment design went, my main focus was to communicate the quote conceptually through the material that I was using.  With the notion of legibility being the main focus, I wanted to combine the text and paper in way which would make the viewer search for its legibility and meaning.  Therefore, I used a dull light brown/grey colored paper, and transparent white ink for the text.  It would create a beautifully subtle and barely visible blur of text; only visible if one takes the time to look for it.  I aligned the text toward the bottom left because again, I wanted there to be a search for the quote.  I also felt that the length of the words created a nice swooping motion and placing it at the bottom left would better enhance that effect.