Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Physical Typeface Ideas/Progress

Note, our word is not "subtitle", I just did that because we are doing several different smaller phrases that act as subtitles, so substituting that word for the typographic examples seemed like the most logical thing to do.  As of right now, Kimberle, Katie and I have decided on the use of these three phrases:

[wants to feel everything...]

[doesn't want to talk about anything...]

[building memories on things not said...]

Typical subtitles use those brackets as a way of communicating general unspoken actions, so we thought it would be interesting if we took that concept a step further and used it as a way of emphasizing unspoken emotions.  While the phrases might need a little tweaking, the goal I had in mind when writing it was for them to be interchangeable, meaning that they would be comprehensible regardless of which sequence they were placed in.  It works out for most of the combinations, but not necessarily for all, which is why I'm considering revising some of it (specifically the first phrase).  We don't have a concrete idea on location for the final pictures, but we do know that we want the type to look just like real subtitles, so they will be small, yellow/white, and placed at the bottom of the compositions.

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