Sunday, November 16, 2014

Katie Rodden Bio

    Katie Rodden is 26 years old. While most people spend their 20's figuring out who they are and which paths they should take, Katie was not able to experience this.  At age 18, Katie had an unplanned pregnancy which led to the birth of her daughter Chloe.  She had to put her life on hold in order to focus on raising her daughter.  Katie describes her daughter as being the most important part of her life, but notes that her birth took away that transitional period into adulthood that many of us experience as we go off to college.  She says that she decided to come back to school now because she wanted to provide a better life for her and her daughter, but I believe it was more than that.  Through returning, I see Katie being able to break out of the limbo that raising a daughter at such a young age has put her in.
    When I spoke with Katie, I could sense the impact that raising a child has had on her personality.  She is very in tune with her surroundings, and has a clear understanding of how her actions relate to those around her.  I could sense that security is important to her, because she's always thinking five steps down the road when planning out her projects.  However, she says her need for security has led to a more linear creative process, which she hopes to break out of in her years here at KCAI.  In the end, Katie hopes to reach a point where she can live fully within the moment, and not have to worry about lies ahead.

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