Monday, February 2, 2015

Denotation & Connotation


Altered Photos
I teamed up with Tori to come up the the denotations and connotations of each photo.
Denotation: Nightvision Camera View
Connotation: Voyeuristic, Creepy, Horror Movie, Haunted

Denotation: Pixelated Photo
Connotation: Anonymity, Mystery, Censored, Abstract, Monochrome

Denotation: Figure Alone
Connotation: Cold, Dirty, Old, Lonely, Clammy Feet, Meloncholy

Denotation: Figure Lying Down
Connotation: Warm, Dry, Burnt, Bright, Crispy

Denotation: Vector Bed
Connotation: Minimal, Simplified, Graphic, Monochrome, Angular

Denotation: Altered Photo
Connotation: Abstract, Subtle, Cool, Gestural, Airy, Light

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