Friday, February 27, 2015

Final Animated Typographic Video

     This video emphasizes the importance of creating an original language from which you design from, rather than pulling from trends or hipster culture. It is a philosophy that I base a lot of my creative process around.  Overall, I wanted the video to visually reference the gridded language that Massimo Vignelli is famous for using.  From this, I created a language of my own using hand drawn dots, lines, and scratchy textures.  I felt like juxtaposing these preconceived rigid shapes with hand generated shapes would created an interesting visual dynamic.  Pacing within the video was important for me too.  Even though it could only be 30 seconds long, I didn't want it to feel rushed.  I see so many designers today lacking patience when finding inspiration, which is why we see so many recycled ideas from whats trending right now on tumblr or pintrest.  They're just getting by on quick and easy aesthetics that can satisfy the assignment for the time being.  Good designs don't manifest overnight however, and the ones that stand that test of time are ones that explore innovative ways of communicating.  Originality isn't easy; it takes a lot time and an enormous amount of contemplation and reflection, but in the end its an incredibly rewarding experience.

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