Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Modes Definitions

Rhetoric - the practice of making a persuasive argument through language and imagery.

Antithesis - two things that are shown together, but exist in absolute opposition of one another.

Hyperbole - an exaggerated portrayal or description of something.  It is not something that should be taken seriously.

Irony - Using words or images to express the opposite of the literal meaning. Usually used in humorous or emphatic purposes.

Metaphor - comparing something to another not using like or as, making it a literal connection.

Metonymy - substituting an attribute of something in place of the actual thing being described.

Parody - imitating attributes of some body or something in order to exaggerate these qualities.  It's usually for humorous or emphatic purposes.

Personification - giving human-like attributes to something that is not a human.

Pun - a play on words, practice through imagery or language or both.

Synecdoche - a figure of speech where a part makes up the whole.

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