Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Modes Examples

This is an exaggerated portrayal of a banana; it would never be this small in real life.

The television, which is a device that takes our mind out of nature, is showing only nature.

The Bankok natives are forming the shape of bottle through their boats, which reference Absolut Vodka.

It is a comparison of one's vote to a literal piece of garbage.

The mushrooms possess human like qualities, both with sour expressions on their faces.

"Cereal Killer" is a play on words, alluding to both serial killers and the killing of cereal.

The phone represents a part of the whole, filling in the missing portion hair is the only way for this woman to look normal.

The words "hard" and "soft" are in complete opposition of one another.

Through exaggerating the stereotypical feminine qualities of a housewife, this is a parody of how one might clean their floors.

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