Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poster Research Topics


     During the Dada movement, artists and designers would evoke shock in their work through spontaneity.  The movement planted the seeds for what would become absolute attraction in art.  Designers in particular would oftentimes utilize geometric shapes as their core imagery.  A good example of typography within the realm of Dadaism can be found in The Scarecrow Fairytale, which was a children's book designed by Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters in 1925.  Instead of pictorially illustrating it, they spotlighted the typography as a way of forming an image. 


     Phototypesetting was a method of setting type that used a photographic process to generate columns of type on a scroll of photographic paper.  The process itself consisted of projecting light through a film negative image of an individual character in a font, through a lens that would then magnify or reduce the size of the character onto the paper.  It would then collect on a spool in a light-tight canister. As the photographic paper or film was being fed into a processor, a machine that would then pull the paper through baths of chemicals, where it would ready useEarly versions of Monotype machines were adapted from hot metal models (or impact type-writers) and worked as nearly as possible on the same principles.  Later versions on the other hand, utilized electronics rather than pure machinery to create the desired image.

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