Monday, August 31, 2015

Video Studio Keynote

In 1996, Chip Houghton, Peter Frankfurt, and Kyle Cooper teamed together to form the design-based production studio known as Imaginary Forces.  Starting out in LA, it was originally a subdivision of R/GA, which is an ad agency in New York City.  

While the company as a whole takes on a wide range of different media-based projects, they’re most recognized within the industry for their title sequences for movies and television shows. One of their first projects, the title sequence to the movie Se7en, broke new grounds at the time, receiving universal acclaim from critics and inspiring a generation of new designers. The neo-noir film follows a newly transferred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, two homicide detectives who become deeply involved in the case of a sadistic serial killer, a tone that is captured perfectly with the gritty textures and sporadic pacing of the title sequence.  Cooper, who directed the sequence, wanted to give the audience a sense of what Pitt and Freeman were up against throughout the film.

Follow the success of Se7en, Imaginary Forces became of the most sought after design studios in America for creating title sequences. 

In 2005, Imaginary Forces designed the title sequence for The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio, Its set in the 50’s and stars Julianne Moore as a lonely housewife manages to keep her family afloat financially by winning a bunch of jingle-writing contests.  The imagery and pacing reflect the point of view of Julianne Moore's character and set up a light hearted tone for the movie.

Besides just title sequences, Imaginary Forces have been involved in several other forms of video media, such as branding, broadcasting, commercials, experientional, and video games

In June 2015, they unveiled the “microsoft cube”, nestled in the middle of times square.  Its an experiential design meant to capture the attention of onlookers as they move around a corner  

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