Monday, September 14, 2015

Rough Story for Video

Once there was a fly, or some sort of creature of that nature existing within a space.  They're floating about slightly oblivious to their surroundings, not because they're inattentive but because they are lost in deep contemplation...overwhelmed with the beauty of life.
     All of a sudden, the fly's trance is broken when he hears a cry.  Looking around, he tries to follow the noise.  He sees another fly stuck in some sludge.  Frantic, he swoops down to help him break free.  Using all of his strength in his tiny little arms, he pries his friend's arm out of the sticky substance.
     The two flies embrace, and the other fly thanks him, letting him know how much he appreciates his help.  The first fly shakes his head.  He knows that if he had been in the same situation the other fly would have done the same thing!  They embrace once more and part ways.  The other fly flies off, going back to what he was up to before, and the first fly watches him leave.
     Going back to his day, the fly prepares to fly off, but is struck back down onto the ground as he tries to take flight.  His legs are stuck to the sludge!  Frantic, he tries to break free but it only makes it worse.  He starts screaming as loud as he can.  For hours he screams, hoping his friend can hear him. But he can't.
     Days drift by, with the fly losing the strength to move or speak.  He starts thinking about his life, and everything that he's missed.  He shakes his head and starts to cry.  Why isn't there anybody around to help him?  Hasn't anybody noticed that he's been missing for days now?  Does anyone care?
    For a moment he feels bitter, wondering whether he made the right decision helping his friend, but soon shakes the feeling.  In his last moments he discards any resentment and finds genuine police just knowing that in the end, at least his friend will be able to live out his hopes and dreams and experience even more beauty that life has to offer.  He dies peacefully.

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