Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Product Name?
Moist Supreme 

Background Info?
The product is owned by Pillsbury.  Poppin' Fresh, who is the mascot for Pillsbury, kind of looks like he's force feeding you cake in the picture.  It comes in 10 delicious flavors. 

What's the Objective Assignment?

Who is the Target Audience?
Women. Mom's in particular, not only because they are most likely the one's baking, but also because they are more likely the one's who are grocery shopping.  Kid's could be a major demographic as well, because they are one of the biggest advocates for cake eating.  I can picture them being the ones picking up the box and putting it in the cart without their parent noticing until they get to the checkout lane.

What is the current mode of Appeal?
Ethos, I would say.  Cake is often associated with happiness and fun occasions, which is definitely reflected with the confetti and Poopin' Fresh's smiling face.

What is the product description?
"Premium Cake Mix"

Does it have any components?

What are the benefits of the product?
A happy tummy full of homemade cake.

What elements must appear on the package?
Well, other than the barcode and nutrition facts, the most important factual element would be the instructions on the back of the box that tell you how to make the cake.  I'll also probably need to include Poppin' Fresh.

Has the material already been selected, or is it still up for suggestion?
I think I'm pretty set.  If I were going to change anything, I think that instead of doing three different flavors, I would do three different components within cake baking (cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles).

Are there any other creative considerations?
I guess blue and white would need to somehow be incorporated, because they are the corporate colors for Pillsbury.  Plus I need to include Poppin' Fresh, but I may not make quite as prominent as he is now within the front photo. 

What are the distributions considerations?
They're dry goods, so they're very easy and cheap to ship

What is the retail environment?
From what I've seen they're sold on shelves, but that may change depending on how I want to redesign it.  Time will tell.

What is the Unique Selling Point?
They're gluten free!

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