Monday, November 2, 2015

Moodboards Characters - Repackaging

Sarah is a 38 year old married mother of two (ages 10 & 12).  Her husband works full time, and now that her kids are in elementary school, she works part time to come up with extra money for the family.  While she doesn't get as much time to work around the house as she would like, she tries her best to maintain a warm hospitable environment for her family.  One of the things she likes to do regularly is bake for her family.  Doing so brings her back to when she baked deserts with her mother as a child, an activity which brought the two of them closer together.  Baking with Moist Supreme cake mix not only brings back warm memories of when she was a child, while also giving her enough time to do other daily activities, thanks to its easy and quick recipes.

Dustin is a 21 year old college student living by himself while he goes to school.  He has no experience with baking (or cooking, really), because his mom would always bake for him growing up.  He's a very very busy boy, so finding time to learn how to cook has been a struggle for him.  He's been hesitant to try anything complicated, so the easy 3 step recipe for baking with Moist Supreme is a perfect place to start.  He loves the simplicity of any locally produced food or products, so the minimalist outcome of baking with Moist Supreme gives him that similar sort of quality.

Maria is 7 years old, and a bit of a diva.  She's not mean, usually, but she is used to getting what she wants.  After strolling through the grocery aisle with her mother, she spots the Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix and eagerly puts it into the cart without her mom looking.  The cake is very cheap, only costing around $1.50 per box, so her mother is okay with buying it upon seeing it in the checkout lane.  She also doesn't want Maria to throw a tantrum in the middle of Sunfresh.  That would be embarrassing.  After getting home, her mom uses it as an opportunity to spend time with her daughter.  With such simple instructions, even a child can whip up a cake with the supervision of a parent.  It gives Maria not only the satisfaction creating something 'complicated' from scratch, but also a tasty desert for after dinner. 

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