Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Jobs/Grad Schools/Internships that interest me

Ralph Lauren - Arts Acquisitions Coordinator
Aesthetically I've always been inspired by Ralph Lauren's visual identity and brand.  I feel like I could learn a lot, and find new sources of inspiration. 

New York Magazine - Creative Director
I've always loved the articles that the magazine covers, and their visual identity is BEAUTIFUL.  I think that my work can easily translate into their aesthetic needs

Chreree Tree Paper - Intern 
This is a small independent paper/custom card company based in St. Louis.  I'm planning on interning there this upcoming summer, I think it would be a good learning experience and an ideal place for a first time intern.

SVA Grad Program
Their curriculum emphasizes entrepreneurial endeavors, which interests me because I think would like to start my own design firm down the road. 

Cal Arts Grad Program
Their curriculum emphasizes the importance maintaining a level of inventiveness while being in a field that frequently relies on trends or predictability.  This is a program that I believe could really benefit me.

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