Friday, January 29, 2016

Short Term/Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals:

- Aquire an internship, one that suits me.  See where that leads.  Gain "professional" experience.     
- Create work that FULLY demonstrates my capabilities as a creative thinker. I have what it takes to do anything and everything.
- Listen to myself 
- Explore new and exciting routes, especially right now when it's okay to be 'wrong'
- Do my best, and care about being the best.

Long Term Goals:

- Generate a steady income
- Consistant flow of happiness/melancholy. 
- Job? This will become less abstract as I explore where I'm headed. At first I will be working for a higher power, but eventually my dream is to work by myself--with a team following me.  I'm hoping that as long as my work is really really good, things will fall into place.  I'm more concerned with generating quality, and letting success become a byproduct, but at the same time I know I'm going to need money in order to survive.  It will be a compromise.

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