Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three Newspapers

The Riverfront Times

This is a small newspaper from STL, covering culture and events throughout the city.  The content can sometimes be provocative, but the layout seems rather minimalist.

The Kansas City Star

This is the biggest newspaper for Kansas City, covering all of the local news in the metro area.  The layout is fairly neutral but very easy to navigate.

The Pitch

This is an alternative newspaper covering culture and entertainment in the Kansas City metro area.  The layout is incredibly cluttered, it's hard to navigate at first glance.

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Tom Morse-Brown said...

So take a look at what you wrote about each of the newspapers... you have brand 'essence' (adjective) type words in your descriptions - The River Front Times - 'provocative', The KC Star - 'local' and the Pitch - 'alternative'. These words should guide the design of each.