Wednesday, April 27, 2016

User Testing Feedback

Map/Pamphlet Feedback-
-Type is a little hard to read, needs to be bigger
-Having some way to position yourself on the map
-Mark where the museum is to better know where everything is
-Like the overall design of the map
-Like the idea of going more simplistic with everything, makes it easier to read and understand
-Like that the bathroom icons are nice and big, easy to find
-Having a way to show the handicap path
-Like having it be pocket sized
-Look at having all the information about the zones next to the map
-Look at having a better way to connect the zones on the map to the blocks of information

Take Away Feedback-
-Really like the design of it
-Like the simple look
-Having one at each station would probably get to be too much
-If there was one at each station, would probably only go to one station
-Possibly having a way to carry them around if there is multiple of them, especially if they have multiple kids
-Better way for the tabs to stay in place when it is put together
-Have some type of reward, whether at each station or at the end for collecting them all

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