Monday, August 22, 2016

Company Brands

Problem Statement
The minimalist Parisian palette offers little forms of expression or creative interpretations of femininity

We envision a world which embraces a sensual, rebellious take on dressing-up.

The attempt is to define a fluid, uncontrived, even contradictory vision of modern femininity through embracing both couture savoir-faire and refined experimentalism

Problem Statement
Standard dolls misrepresent the diverse range if little girls, especially for new generations of girls who yearn for a more creative and rebellious character to play with. 

The Bratz believe in thinking for themselves, creating the things they dream of, and making every day an absolute adventure.

Mission Statement
The Bratz love tackling problems creatively, living in the moment, thinking outside the box, and most of all having fun! And yes, they’ll need 17 jars of glitter paint to do this. And no, their masterpiece will not be the same without it.

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